We are excited to introduce The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a meditation and activation series. During the meditation you will release old and stagnant energy and new higher vibrational energy will be activated.

The 5 Elements and TCM are quite involved and have many moving pieces and take years to understand. For the purpose of this series we will focus on the emotional yin & yang energy of each element which we store in specific organs, tissue, blood and bones in our bodies. We will release the yin energy through a gentle guided meditation, and activate the yang energy through a beautiful attunement. Releasing yin energy and receiving the corresponding yang energy will help align our bodies to our higherselves and bring our bodies to a more balanced emotional state of being.

We will allow 21 days in between each of the 5 attunements to allow the body to align gently and naturally for optimal activation. With each release and activation you can expect old memories to surface, acquired emotions to arise, and discomfort in the body as you align to a higher vibration. This is the natural process of balance and should be respected and not forced or judged. Allowing this natural process should be a beautiful experience.

The 5 Elements Are: (Click on the icon that you wish to learn more about)

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We have plenty of room for 6 foot distancing. Please bring your own blanket, water bottle, mask and anything you need to be comfortable.​


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All sessions are $30 each.

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