Healings & Stress Detachment through Energy Management

Detaching from stress, wounding, and trauma means to become fully present in our life. Detaching from stressors and recovering our physical, emotional & mental stability through energy healing brings us to a place of renewed joy and dignity. When we align ourselves to the point of balance & clarity we are able to make healthier choices, be present for our family, friends & co-workers, and recognize the actual stressors and triggers which caused the initial wounding, trauma and ongoing stress. Once we can recognize the true reasons for our stress (they are often not what we think) we can start the process of detaching from and healing the wounds and trauma which repeat themselves and keep us in unhealthy patterns. 


Stress Detachment & Re-Alignment Sessions will provide support for you to live a more fulfilled life and bring you back to a place of dignity and self worth.

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