Each session is customized for each individual's personal needs and desires. We will discuss a healing plan which best fits your needs and may include some or all of the following... 

Rest & Digest

Stress Detachment 

Anxiety Recalibration 
Limbic System Reset
Cerebrum Reset
Trauma Imprint Release

Cellular Dictionaries Release
Personal Attunements 
Qi Balance & Recovery

Body Alignment

Gut Brain Reset

Reiki Healing Sessions (Traditional and Expanded)

60 - 90 minutes = $125 / $80 TCS Meditators
2 Sessions within 8 days = $185 / $125 TCS Meditators 

Please feel free to call for a free consultation and a
free 20 minute mini Reiki session.

@@@ Always discounts for Veterans and First Responders @@@

@@ Energy Healing is not a substitution for medical or mental health services.