Psychic Readings

Tarot & Psychic readings are a way for a us to get answers to pressing questions to help us find clarity and direction when we are feeling overwhelmed, confused or saddened by current life situations. We often know what we should do, but sometimes it's very helpful to get confirmation to help us move forward. Sometimes we have no idea what to do and a psychic reading can help flesh out answers and open up pathways for us to follow.


Either way, a psychic reading can be very useful for us to find answers, peace and confirmation. Sometimes we just need a little push to get us headed in the right direction. 

  • 2 Psychics 1 Reading

    • $90 / 60 mi

*The Community Spirit and its practitioners are not licensed to make any medical or counseling recommendations, to include the use of crystals, oils, or any other metaphysical objects or products to customers. All products and services are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in lieu of a health care/ financial/ mental health/ legal professional. All advice given is just a suggestion, please see your doctor or other health care practitioner about all injuries, illness, or other health or emotional issues. None of our products or services are a prescription, diagnosis or health care substation. Opinions, content, or teaching expressed in any scheduled appointment, class, or event do not overrule a persons own judgement, free will or beliefs.