Investigations & Clearings

Paranormal investigation and clearing homes, land, businesses, and spaces is a concern and passion of TCS. There are many reasons a space becomes filled with activity and low vibration, but the biggest issue is how it effects the living and the dead. Living in a home, on land, or in an office that has low vibration build up and spirits can cause a lot of harm and no benefit.     

For living people it can cause, among other things, sadness, illness, exhaustion, anger, confusion and dysfunction physically and emotionally. For the dead it can cause, among other things, more  anguish, more pain, more anger and more sadness. Spirits who are earth bound live in the vibration of fear and thus the living will too. Living in this vibration is unhealthy for everyone involved.   


TCS has a team of mediums who specialize in clearing homes and crossing over the spirits. The spirits get the healing and love they need and  the living get a space restored to a safe loving place to be in.   

Investigations & Clearings

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