We clear homes, apartments, commercial buildings, offices, garages, and outdoor areas of all types of paranormal activity. 


We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, even ghosts. The most common activity comes from earth-bound spirits commonly known as ghosts. Ghosts are people without bodies. Ghosts live in sadness, fear, and anger and are trying to get their stories heard, get help, or create havoc. Some don't know they are dead and are trying to figure out what is happening to them, why no one is listening to their concerns, and how can they survive in this situation. Many have been without a body for a long time and have learned how to manipulate the energy around them, including the energy of living people, which after time will cause physical and mental health issues for the people they live with. Living with ghosts is not healthy for the living or the dead. In many cases the ghosts want the living to live in fear for their own entertainment and energy boost. Ghosts feed off fear and depression in the living and will do what they need to do to create that low vibrational energy for their own personal energy supply.   

It can be dangerous to live with ghosts and negative (low vibrational) energy. We are not ghost hunters and we do not suggest that you live with ghosts. We are mediums who can see, hear, and communicate with the earth-bound spirits and can clear them from your space to a healthier environment for everyone involved. If you think you have activity in your space, please call us. We can help. 

Our prices start at $25. The price depends on the amount of space to be cleared, the difficulty of the spirits and energy to release, and how many team members need to be present.