Guided Group Meditations

Grounding, Clearing & Connect - 60 minute session

Sunday's at 12pm


Meditation is a life tool and learning to ground, clear, and connect is the basis of any metaphysical or spiritual practice. This hour is dedicated to grounding for stability, clearing for focus and connecting to our inner guidance. We will enjoy simple guided meditations, mindfulness meditations and more.This meditation is perfect for beginners learning the basics of meditation & experienced mediators who want to relax and continue to build their energetic field. 


Building your Light & Seeing your Shadow - 90 minute session

Sunday's at 10am

These meditations are designed to help you find your inner guidance so you can find the answers you need for a more fulfilling life. They will help you heal old wounding and release fear which is holding you back from finding your true nature. They are also designed to help you develop your intuitive abilities. 


Deep Wound Healing Meditation - 90 minute session

Wednesday's at 5:30pm

With deep wound healing mediation you should know how to ground and connect by yourself without my help. Also, these meditations are meant to go deep into your wounding and trauma and are not for beginners or those who are not ready to take responsibility for their lives. Please come to heal and evolve. If just starting out you must have permission to attend this meditation, or you may attend one our Sunday meditations.

These meditations will force you to look at your programming, wounding and trauma. You can become triggered, emotional, and uncomfortable. We are here to support you during this beautiful healing process. Healing these wounds requires you to understand, acknowledge, and accept what you've experienced and how it's affecting you and your life. Please come prepared to be present and take responsibility for yourself. If you are tired of being tired, these meditations are meant for you. They are not for the faint of heart.


We have plenty of room for 6 foot distancing. Please bring your own blanket, water bottle, mask and anything you need to be comfortable.​


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*The Community Spirit and its practitioners are not licensed to make any medical or counseling recommendations, to include the use of crystals, oils, or any other metaphysical objects or products to customers. All products and services are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in lieu of a health care/ financial/ mental health/ legal professional. All advice given is just a suggestion, please see your doctor or other health care practitioner about all injuries, illness, or other health or emotional issues. None of our products or services are a prescription, diagnosis or health care substation. Opinions, content, or teaching expressed in any scheduled appointment, class, or event do not overrule a persons own judgement, free will or beliefs.