Guided Group Meditations

All our meditations are designed to help you find your inner guidance and inner light. They will help you tap into your intuition to find the answers you need for a more fulfilling life. They are also designed to heal old wounding, release adopted thinking, and bring awareness of your intrinsic truth. 

To sign up for any of the meditations and other group sessions, please follow the link below;

Sunday Soul Meditations @ 10am - $10

Do you know what your soul wants for you? Want to know what is an illusion and what is truth in your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors? Allow your soul to show you the truth of who you are, how to heal old wounding, and walk your personal journey of dignity.

Thursday Self-Healing Meditations @ 6pm - $10

Awaken your soul with these guided visualizations to recognize and feel your inner truth and self-worth. Spend an hour raising your vibration and acknowledging your soul's guidance in remembering who you are.

Wednesday Deep Dive Meditation @ 6pm - $20

With deep dive healing mediations you should know how to ground and connect by yourself without my help. Also, these meditations are meant to go deep into your wounding and trauma and are not for beginners or those who are not ready to take responsibility for their lives. Please come to heal and evolve. If just starting with these meditations please consider starting on Sunday's or Thursday's


Please feel free to call or email us for more information.