The Fire Element holds the energy of Summer: “As we move into the hottest months of the year, nature reaches the peak of the expansive process begun in Spring. Plants come into their time of maximum energy and maximum growth and radiance, boldly and fully expressing themselves in the world through brightly colored flowering and fruition.”

When the Wood phase reaches its fullest expression, it shifts into the cyclical climax of Fire. This is the phase of maturity, of maximum expansion, of heat, of love, of the joy of full and brilliant manifestation, of fullness of power.

At this point in nature’s endless cycle, we are overflowing with our own truth, giving us the energy, ambition and courage it takes to move from preparation (Wood) and into Fire’s glorious manifestation. When the time is just right, we step decisively through our fears and out into the limelight, where – with passion and with no apology – we bestow on the world the particular gifts we were born to share. Here, we are aware of our own beauty as a natural being and have the confidence to be ourselves and to express our truth with the eloquence of our own unique voice.


At the peak of our power, we remain humble, with our ‘True Yang’ Fire grounded in the depths of our self-knowledge and tempered by deep gratitude, love and the highest virtue of compassion.

Fire is a beautiful place but getting there is not easy. It requires us not only to know who we are, but also to take risks that bring us face to face with our deepest fears and to be ready to step through them down a road of whose destination we cannot be sure.

So the Fire phase is missed by many people, who settle for lives for contentment rather than reaching for its joy and abundance. They remain stuck and frustrated in Wood (the ante-chamber of Fire) – held back from their glory by self-doubt, by the belief that they do not have what it takes or that they are not quite ready.

But, when we are not risking, our Heart is dying – energetically, emotionally and physically.

Another common way of missing the Fire phase is by having no idea of who we really are or of our own particular gifts, but anyway having the dangerous ambition to be ‘successful’ (rich, powerful, famous etc). But when we recklessly push some distorted and ungrounded version of ourselves out onto the world, we spend our lives in a ‘False Fire’ state, trying to give the impression of being strong, while secretly feeling weak, without meaning and under attack. This insecurity can lead to intolerance, arrogance, hatred, cruelty, aggression, violence and great pain, as we seek to convince ourselves of our power by imposing ourselves on others.


Again, this energetic imbalance is reflected on every level of our being, with our Heart (and its elemental partners – the Small Intestine, the Pericardium and the Triple Burner, an ‘organ’ not recognized in Western anatomy) taking the physical brunt.


Some additional Yin Energy Examples: Hysteria, inappropriate laughter (or speech or behavior), poor timing, anxiety, restlessness, excitability, hyperactivity, mania, insomnia, bitterness, meanness, recklessness, hatred, cruelty, aggression, arrogance, tyranny, impatience, haste, losing heart, not following through, self-doubt, apathy, submission, joylessness, emotional flatness.


Some Additional Yang Energy Examples: Love, passion, joy, extroversion, gratitude, generosity, compassion, intimacy, ambition, confidence, courage to be self, stepping through limits, fierceness, right risk, decisive action, perfect timing, ripeness, climax, maturity, eloquence, no false modesty, full expression, manifestation, fullness of power, mastery, radiance, divinity.

***Text taken from The Five Elements and Our Inner World