Energy Management

At TCS we share the experience of Reiki with our clients through personal Reiki sessions (traditional and expanded), group healings, group meditations, group classes and personal training’s. We believe that everyone has the power to self heal. We call this system Energy Management. 

Energy Management can address issues of anxiety, post traumatic stress, acute Stress, trauma, and addictions. By releasing the old patterns, anchors, imprints, and cellular libraries that keep us locked into the old paradigms of untruths. By releasing and resetting these untruths we attune to our intrinsic truth of honoring ourselves.

Through no fault of our own, we were programmed in a manner that is not always in alignment with our intrinsic truth. As children we can became imprinted by our families, friends, and society to think, feel, and behave in a way that help them feel safe. We often learned to take cues from other people, not learning to trust our own intrinsic truth, thereby losing sight of our dignity and self-worth.


As we became adults, we did not always shed these imprints, we adapted them in our adult lives, thereby doubling down on these behaviors, thoughts, and actions. We may have also become imprinted through painful and traumatic events. These events may have created fear and a false sense of what’s healthy thinking, emotions and behavior. The longer these imprints stay with us the more we believe that these lies were true. We further lose sight of our intrinsic self-worth and dignity. 

Is it time for you to take responsibility for who we are and

heal your wounding and traumas? If so, join us for this beautiful journey of energy healings, meditations, thoughtful discussions, and body movement to uncover your dignity.