Jewelry and gemstones carry energy just like everything does.  Stale or stuck energy can be transmuted and calibrated into a vibration that matches you personally.  Your items can be infused with a beautiful vibration that can carry reminders of positivity and empowerment.  If you are lending or selling your jewelry, it is recommend having the energy calibrated before hand.


Crystals & Stones

Bring in your crystals & stones to be cleared of stored energy and have them restored to their original pure energetic state.  Afterward they will be reactivated to match the vibration you currently hold and whatever your crystals are used for they will be ready at once upon completion.  Having your crystals cleared and re-activated monthly is a good routine to keep them vibrant and useful.  It is also recommended they be cleared and re-activated before giving them as a gift. 

$10 - $50 depending on the number of items and sizes.

Readings & Channeling Sessions

Looking for answers in your relationship, career, home life, spiritual awakening, all the above, or non of the above? Whatever your questions we have answers to support you.


$50 half hour $80 an Hour