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        Energy Healing Re-Defined

Our mission is to support your internal journey through meditations, energy management, thoughtful discussions, and body movement. With the right guidance you can discover what are your true thoughts as opposed to your adopted thinking and what are your true feelings and actions as opposed to your acquired emotions. Learn and unearth your true nature of dignity and self worth as you have a human awakening.




*The Community Spirit and its practitioners are not licensed to make any medical or counseling recommendations, to include the use of crystals, oils, or any other metaphysical objects or products to customers. All products and services are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in lieu of a health care/ financial/ mental health/ legal professional. All advice given is just a suggestion, please see your doctor or other health care practitioner about all injuries, illness, or other health or emotional issues. None of our products or services are a prescription, diagnosis or health care substation. Opinions, content, or teaching expressed in any scheduled appointment, class, or event do not overrule a persons own judgement, free will or beliefs.